“Welcome to Ertth”

On the world of Erth, there are humans and plants and animals, but the most important species of all: erth.

Introducing Ertth-lin. A small sedimentary rock, prized for his composition, he wants nothing more than to become apart of the skysitters – the humans’ prized invention. Tall metal buildings that sit on the sky, it amazes him that they don’t sway like the plants or trees. Seeming more stable than erth, more beautiful than him, he wants to be a part of it. Nothing would please him more.

Except when it comes to humans, nothing is as simple as you thought.

Published July 2016, Beyond the Hedge Volume 1: The Light and the Dark

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Word Count: 2000


erth – all earth or rock

bluhd – in combination with erth, meaning magma

ertth – an extra t means more pieces in the rock, usually meaning sedimentary rock

errth – an extra r means the rock is older

eerth – an extra e means the rock is younger

herth – an extra h means the rock was heated, equates metamorphic rock

oerth – an extra o means the rock was cooled, equates igneous rock

-lin – suffix meaning small, adding an extra i means smaller

-nol – suffix meaning big/strong, adding a larger O means bigger/stronger