Dreaming of Reality (WIP)

Imagine a car crash. Squealing brakes and crumpling frames. Shattered glass that catches the light, twinkling like day-time stars who’re only outshone by the sun.

It left Yin in the hospital, thinking she had put her son there as well.

But, luckily it’s not as bad as she remembers. Everything turned out fine: Her son’s okay; he was at Abby’s. Her husband’s been supporting her, taking her to the doctor. Only, there’s this nagging thought…

Are you sure?

Second guessing herself, she can’t help thinking maybe everything isn’t as it seems. Because after the accident, her memory isn’t quite what it used to be.


Work In Progress (WIP): 50378 words

Writing (finished July 2015) 

-> Editing (finished August 2016)

–> Query (started August 2016)

—> Polish

—-> Publish