DSCN1256Alissa Berger is a part-time writer, full-time teacher, teaching Algebra 2 and Geometry in high school. She wrote her first short story, “Unaccomplished,” one year ago in the midst of substituting at a local private school, and finished her second this year, titled “Welcome to Ertth.”

Because she loves science, it comes through most of her stories, writing mostly about science fiction and fantasy. She particularly likes world building since she can manipulate physics (and not the other way around, like how it does in the classroom.)

While she lives in Seattle, she travels around the area looking for the best hiking and farms, where she’ll go berry picking with her boyfriend. So far, this has accounted to three jars of strawberry jam, two jars of raspberry, and two of blackcaps. If anyone has cooking recommendations, feel free to send her an email. She loves to cook and bake even if it ends in the trash.