No pain, no gain

I haven’t posted a lot on here lately – luckily I can blame school for that x 2 – but there’s something I just want to marinate on: One thing I love about writing is that it allows you to explore the what if‘s. What if planes were never invented? What if humans never evolved? What if we evolved too far, breaking the limits of space exploration?

I love writing for that.

And one thing I’ve been stuck on today – and maybe this is a prompt you can use – what if you could share pain? All the sudden things that were violent are so much riskier because now there’s the possibility of the danger of pain, or at least more than normal. If someone murders someone, maybe they feel that pain. Maybe an EMT just isn’t medically trained, but someone with high pain tolerance that can share their support for those injured. How would this have impacted wars or the Holocaust if all the sudden people could share their pain? Would the Nazis have never done those horrible things to people if all the sudden they could share their pain, witness the terrible things they’ve done?

All the sudden you’re talking about war prevention, higher values of empathy. Maybe this is the difference between one society and ours – they can share pain. We cannot. And all the sudden, if pain is like energy, if you share it among many, then the pain is less. It doesn’t feel as bad, and all the sudden it is tolerable – when shared by the group, creating a society that is more structurally supportive of others.

Then this brings up the question, is this pain voluntary? Is it consensual? Or is it something you can force upon others? Is this a defense mechanism?

This is my brain dump in the middle of the night, when I find my mind wandering. Maybe this could be of some use to you.


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