How to write a chapter

This isn’t a how to on how to write. This is how to write a chapter for your book or novella. And this isn’t professional advice, but my own wisdom from my own experiences.

I found chapter each have their own purpose, and keeping that in mind while writing definitely helps give the writer perspective. It helps focus your direction and unconsciously include what’s important.

(I would consider this the meat of your chapter.)

But without some sort of tension, your chapters go slow, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if your readers are struggling to make it through a chapter, maybe it’s not the most interesting read. Maybe you need to make it more exciting, more effective.

What I like to call this is adding conflict. Each chapter is almost like a miniature story, and by making sure it has its own conflict, each chapter has enough drive to propel the reader forward while the writers dawdles along with their purpose.

This means all chapters should have 2 things: objective and conflict.

This doesn’t include all the basics like setting, time frame, etc. This only helps keep you focused while what to write about for your chapter.


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