Has anyone seen Jimmy Kimmel? You don’t have to go to a show and see him live, but he has a YouTube channel and sometimes there’s some funny things.

The show I’m thinking about is this one:

It’s a very interesting script. He tries to decide whether the person on camera is either American or foreign, and he does it usually always based on a person’s shoes.

Seriously. He will stand and direct the camera to look at their shoes, and I’m not sure what he thinks, whether he can distinguish popular American brands from foreign ones, or because he knows what American teenagers wear…he always seems to “know” based on looking at a person’s feet.

If I were to write about someone in a book, how interesting would that be if my character had a “foot fetish” and always judged someone based on their footwear: socks with sandals, running shoes, high-topped basketball shoes, etc.

It makes for a good characterization.

And It doesn’t only have to be feet. I think based on certain personalities, people may examine certain attributes before anything else. If you’re racist, you may look at their skin color. If you’re a hair stylist, you may always look at their hair health or dye job.

When I meet people, if they have any tattoos I usually look at those first. I’m huge into creativity and usually tattoos have a story to share or have a certain style about them, whether cartoony or realistic. That’s what I look at, besides usually people’s face or clothes. To be honest, as complex human beings, we probably examine a lot of things at once, but to simplify it for a story, one or two things may be enough.


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