Character Flaws

There’s a point when you meet someone that they go from acquaintance-with-no-hair to your next-door-neighbor-with-cancer. All the sudden, they’re flawed. And, this doesn’t change with stories. When you first pick up a book, you get attached to their descriptions, and then part way, you discover they’re not perfect. Characters must have this sort of transition, or development, in order to fully connect with your readers. One way to do this is by creating flaws. After all, if they’re truly human, they’re bound to make mistakes. We’re not perfect.

EX of perfection: There’s a cute boy next door. He plays baseball.

EX of flawed: There’s a cute boy next door, and he got kicked off the baseball team because he was gay.

EX2 of perfection: One of my girl cousins likes to ride horses.

EX2 of flawed: One of my girl cousins owns horses but can’t ride anymore due to a paralyzing¬†fear from her last accident.

These are only a few examples. The main idea to create a flawed character is to make them real and give them some sort of weakness/failure, such as a disability, a social outcast, etc. To give you an idea, I’ll list a few of my favorite examples as well as a link to help.


1) disability, whether physical or psychological

2) pride, too much or too little

3) fear

4) ignorance

5) prejudice

6) gullible

7) social outcast

8) addict

9) cursed

10) dishonest


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